Our Story


When you come to Venice Beach you know you will have a very flavorful visit.  Just a few steps from the Venice Beach Pier, at the corner of Pacific and Washington, sits VB Surf, right in the middle of the action.  If you are looking for things to do in Venice, our shop is not to be missed.  Sand often blows into the shop from the beach and we’re fine with that.

Each morning our day starts with lessons, both Surfing and SUP (stand up paddle). We often get people who are a little apprehensive at first, but after meeting our CPR certified instructors, they quickly become “stoked”.  They head out on their journey to the ocean and they come back feeling like they can do anything! That life is a ride to be enjoyed…as you should!  Our cover photo is of Alex Taulere jumping off his board and high fiving one of his friends.  This is often the outcome when people come to VB Surf.

We had a concept for the shop when we first started; to use local products and vendors whenever possible.  We also like to sell reclaimed products that are good for the environment, like Indosole, footwear made from reclaimed moped tires.  Most of the wood in the shop is also reclaimed.  Had I known my grandmother’s barn was worth so much money, I would have backed up a truck to it a long time ago and said sorry grammy, but I am selling the barn.  We understand the boardwalk is just around the corner and you can purchase cheap trinkets and shirts all day. This is not our product. At VB Surf we know a good product brings people back year after year.  Just a few of the other product lines we carry are Sundry, Lost, BodyGlove, Eidon and Jammy packs. 

We also believe in giving back.  I have picked 5 different non-profits to give to.  RUN FOR HER:  Nanci was a good friend and we miss her.  WOUNDED WARRIORS:  For the men and women who are willing to give everything so we can be free to be who we are. The very definition of a hero to me.  THE BIG LIFE:  I was lucky enough to go to Kenya on Safari a couple of years ago. These guys protect elephants from poachers.  SHRINERS HOSPITAL:  For kids.  If it’s good enough for Justin Timberlake, it’s good enough for me.  Besides Nanci liked his music.  HEAL THE BAY:  Well DUH! I mean we’re a Surf Shop!

So if you’re looking for things to do in Venice, come by and take a Surf lesson or just rent a board. If your looking for something that says Venice Beach, but want a quality product, come by VB Surf and we will hook you up.  In the mean time, life is short.  Buy the shirt and enjoy the ride!  Help others.  You will feel better and be better for it.   And remember, everyone has a chance to make their mark in history.  What’s yours going to be?!